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______Suzuki TS Terminator_____

Hi from Thailand! I modified this Jap-spec Suzuki TS200R(needed a reg'd bike) so  smaller capacity than I'd like. But it's just the first project, I'll go for number two project bike in 2001! Mods included Boyesen CR125 reed cage/carbon reeds, FMF RM250 pipe mod'd a wee bit in the head pipe. AFAM sprockets, DID 520ER chain, Brakes from suzuki rg500 and 750, wheels from Suzuki Bandit 250 and pro-taper handle bars, pro grips, stainless brake-lines, etc. I'm a TV cameraman and a novice bike builder plus parts are limited here. But I love it and it screams! The only way to commute 40 clicks a day through downtown Bangkok traffic carnage! LOVE YOUR SITE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Cheers David B.  in Bangkok