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The technical aspects of the bike followed the supermotard formula with only slight deviations. The rims are standard 3.5 and 4.25 by 17" and the brakes are 4 piston Brembo unit mated to the usual 320mm disk. Chassis geometry is altered by way of lowered revalved suspension riding on stiffer springs. A Scotts rotary steering damper keeps thing proceeding in the right direction. Engine modifications relied on HRC kit parts to provide a high compression piston, race cam, heavier clutch basket and valve springs. K&N does air filtration duty and is matched with a stainless steel Super Trapp exhaust. The surrendered airbox houses relocated electronics. The fabricated bracketry that relocates the footpegs is the main clue this bikes focus is more towards tarmac then double duty. All this is kept in check by way of the ni-cad powered mini tach.