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Mikes WR400RR

MIKE WRITES_________ I was out Monday filming part of a bike stunt movie with a local couple (Todd and Lori Colbert - Team extreme) Full of stunted motocross handlebar gixxers and the like, and of course, my titchy little WR (which, incidentally was blown over by a helicopter) I was trying to hold up my end of supermotarding with lots of wheelies, side saddle stoppies, etc. We had a couple of great crashes including one guy surfing a ZX7 who was blown off by the above mention 'copter!! LOL Vid comes out in Feb/Mar 2000. ___Regards, MikeE

Mikes WR400RR: Visit the WR400 during initial construction.
Mikes XR650RR: Mikes original supermoto project.
Mikes CR500RR: A foray into the realm of a near lethal street legal 2 -stroke.